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The price of $78.99 (USD) is for 1 carton quantity Included Fast Shipping

1 carton come with 10 packs, a total of 200 cigarettes

Special Price for Order 2 Cartons

Camel Yellow

Camel Yellow is one of the best cigarettes that is offered to you. It may become the best cigarette because it can reflect your personality and your unique taste.

This cigarette rod has a large diameter with a king-size length.

It has a thick tobacco and clove flavor with a hint of spiciness.

Nicotine: 1.0 mg Tar: 13 mg

1 pack = 20 cigarettes

1 carton = 200 cigarettes

Available Shipping Country

United States (USA)     (Contact First) at  herbsenthusiast@gmail.com

United Kingdom (UK)

United Arab Emirates (EUA)

European Union

Handling Time

 2 - 4 Business Days

Estimated Delivery

5 – 8 Business Days to the United States (USA) and United Kingdom (UK)       

7 – 9  Business Days to United Arab Emirates (EUA)

6 – 10 Business Days to European Union

For more information, please contact us;

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  • Very good product. It's just amazing!

    Mark Tompson  |  2021-09-30 12:56:41
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